V-ISE is a platform to provide automation of broadcast video systems using Windows PowerShell. Now that Windows 6 is open source and cross platform, I have to qualify this with “Currently requires MS Windows operating system”.

It provides simple object based scripting automation to isolate the system integrator from complex API’s and compiled code. It allows automation of many systems including:

  • Blackmagic Design ATEM video switch’s
  • Other Blackmagic Hardware
  • CasparCG Open-source Playout Server
  • MIDI I/O
  • X-keys input
  • OSC I/O
  • Arduino I/O (Using USB Firmata protocol)

This project is a work in progress but I’m using it on a regular basis at my church. New features are added as I need them or when I see interesting “how do I” questions on forums that I just can’t resist trying to solve.
Please consider donating if you find any of the content or applications usefull.

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For more details about the project, start at the V-ISE menu

If you haven’t heard of PowerShell I suggest you start with PowerShell

Using PowerShell should be second nature to anyone who is an IT Windows administrator. For others it may be a steep learning curve, but the alternative is probably just as hard (learning Python, Node.JS or LUA etc.)

10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Ian

    I have a streamdeck atem prod studio 4k and a mac

    Ive downloaded powershell but now i cannot work out what to donto get it working

    Would you have. Any suggestion as to where to look …. would really appreciate it


  2. hi! I m really happy to know that! It’s incrindible thing transform the old grasvalley into a new stuff for atem, let me know more about? Do you have a list of compatible spec using arduino?

  3. Hello Ian,
    First of all, thanks for the work and time you put into this project, I was able to get my ATEM up and running over midi. Question for you…Do you have any experience with ARCnet ?
    I have an really nice ForA control surface that runs on ARCnet (but the head end is long gone) curious if you knew of a way to get my ATEM to talk with my ForA surface… Thanks again for your time.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I doubt you would find an ARCnet interface to anything these days. Personally I would rip out the internal CPU and figure out the switch/lamp circuit and interface an Arduino or Raspberry Pi in there. Big job though.

  4. Hello Ian,

    I’m using your Powershell examples to control my Atem. Everything is working great.
    But I also want to use a T-bar.
    Do you have a Poweshell example for using a T-bar with the Atem?

    With kind regard,
    Jan Hein

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