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V-ISE is a platform to provide Broadcast automation of video systems using Windows PowerShell.

It provides simple c object based scripting automation to isolate the system integrator from complex API’s and compiled code. It allows automation of┬ámany systems including:

  • Blackmagic Design ATEM video switch’s
  • Other Blackmagic Hardware
  • CasparCG Open-source Playout Server
  • MIDI I/O
  • X-keys input
  • OSC I/O
  • Arduino I/O (Using USB Firmata protocol)

This project is a work in progress and I’m using it on a regular basis. New features are added as I need them or when I see interesting “how do I” questions on forums that I just can’t resist trying to solve.

For more details about the project, start at the V-ISE menu

If you haven’t heard of PowerShell I suggest you start with PowerShell

Using PowerShell should be second nature to anyone who is an IT Windows administrator. For others it may be a steep learning curve, but the alternative is probably just as hard (learning Python, Node.JS or LUA etc.)


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