I live in Aotearoa, the North Island of New Zealand and am a native Kiwi (born here of European decent).

I have a long background in ICT and more recently have got involved in live event mixing for iMag, live streaming and broadcast (after someone else does the post production).

I had an involvement in the technical side of TV back in the analogue days through HAM radio where I had built a UHF TV transmitter and had a 3 tube color camera.

Now I mix live video at church most Sundays and occasionally operate one of the cameras. In the little spare time I have between family, church and work, I like to learn new things which has led me to my current project – Automating broadcast systems.

This site is where I plan to publish information regarding this project.

ATEM automation is progressing well but still waiting for a massive refactoring once I’m confident I know what I’m doing. Most ATEM functions are available (things to do with the ME’s, media, Aux’s, Macro’s and Audio) but events and camera control have yet to be looked at.


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