Atem Mini CCU Hardware Interface for MBPCC 4K 6K

Demo version available for testing. Download the Windows executable from!ApGpqMMpRLhikv8bW-7D9ACqeXwLQA?e=oiKoe4
It will also work on other ATEM’s with SDI BMD cameras that support return feed. Example of using it in the video below:

There are a few bugs in this version and it doesn’t allow configuring of the parameters needs to control the camera page automation of the BMD software control application.

5 thoughts on “Atem Mini CCU Hardware Interface for MBPCC 4K 6K”

    1. Sorry about that. I need to have a think about the controls. I often get it wrong when controlling multiple cameras they way I change that top row to be divided up per camera or adjusting multiple settings for one camera.
      I might create a setting file so you can assign some of the controls to each function. With the new micro converters supporting SDI/HDMI interconnection of camera types there could be a lot more demand for this.
      How did you find it apart from that?

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