Easter Treat

That partner did it again (thanks Provoke). Now I have to decide if I will eat it. I did allow my self a treat of one chocolate for Christmas (I gave away most of the stuff in the Christmas pack) so I guess I could do the same for Easter 😉


Xmas Holiday Emergency Kit

JUNK FOOD Received from a partner (thanks very much...) - Kellogg's Fruit Loops- Cookie Time Chockolate Fix Cookie- Skittles- Starburts Squirts- Wonka Nerdalicious (with Nerds)- Bluebird Flippa Dippa- Cadbury Mini Chocolate Bars (Pinky, Flake, Dairy Milk, Dream)- Chupa Chups (x 2)- Hubba Bubba- Pringles Salt & Vinegar Chips- V Energy Drink- Candy Cane