Faulty Blackmagic Mini Converter repaired

Today’s repair job was required so that our church service Internet stream could have audio.

The Audio to SDI mini converter wasn’t producing any output. Tell tail sign that something was wrong was how loose the input and output bnc connectors were.

Soldering iron to the rescue (luckily I had it in my car this week), but only after finding something that could undo the Torx screws that hold the printed circuit board inside the case.

All of the solder joints on the 2 outside BNC were dry and cracked. The problem trying to solder them back is the amount of thermal mass, not only in the body of the connectors but the entire ground plane of the PCB is directly connected the ground pins of the BNC’s, means that you really need a 100-watt iron to get good solder flowing.

I had also never opened one of the mini converters and was surprised to see how densely packed full of electronics it is.


Repairing a faulty Hyperdeck

I have repaired lots of video equipment over the last couple of years so I thought I would start a “repair” category.

This one was initially reported a faulty HDMI but it was really a flickering screen on the Hyperdeck. Almost blinking off and on as if it couldn’t lock onto the input.

Turned out to be the thin ribbon cable from the front control PCB to the LCD screen. This is held in place by a very small plastic clip that is not joined to the connector (unlike others that slide in and out or pivot up/down to lock the cable in place).

This piece of equipment lives in a road case and gets transported every week so has had a hard life. Hopefuly it keeps going a bit longer.