Did you know your ATEM acts like a Video Hub?

Just fire up the Blackmacig Design Video Hub software and connect to the IP address of your ATEM. Only works for the ATEM Mini range.

This will be awesome for users of ATEM’s with lots of AUX ports (Hello Constellation) if BMD add this functionality to the other ATEM’s.

Here is a screenshot of my ATEM Mini

You could also use any of the hardware router control panels!

Credit to Toby Eggitt who highlighted this capability on the BMD developer forum (and which I didn’t believe, but before slamming him for confusing Video Hub with ATEM, thought I better check using Putty, and glad I did)

2 thoughts on “Did you know your ATEM acts like a Video Hub?”

  1. Any idea why this wouldn’t be working for me? I’m using the latest version of the Videohub software (7.0.4) and my Constellation is on its latest update (8.1.2).

    1. Currently it only works on the Mini range of ATEM’s. Everyone is hoping there will be an update for the Constellation but no promise from BMD this will happen.

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