Create EDL file of live ATEM mix

Do you want a Blackmagic ATEM event logger? I create a small utility to generate an EDL file from the actions performed during a live ATEM mixing operation.


  • Only works on Windows (tested on 10, probably works on 7 also)
  • It records every program change as a CUT action.
  • Fade is only recorded at the end of the fade action
  • Only accurate to the second, not frame
  • Time code starts at 01:00:00:00 as soon as the application starts

Download this ZIP file, right click on it, under properties tick/click the “Unblock” option!!ApGpqMMpRLhikKY0oZRIXcnbIInsLQ

EDL file name based on start date/time will create immediately in the same directory and you can open it at any time while using the ATEM. It will connect to the ATEM as defined in the ATEM Software panel (exit the ATEM software if you update the ATEM IP Address).
A new version is under development that uses the actual ATEM timecode and lets you specify the ATEM IP address on the command line.

Sample output:

0000	1	V	C	13:31:17:01	13:31:19:00	01:00:00:01	01:00:02:00

0001	2	V	C	13:31:19:01	13:31:24:00	01:00:02:01	01:00:07:00

0002	1000	V	C	13:31:24:01	13:31:35:00	01:00:07:01	01:00:18:00

0003	1	V	C	13:31:35:01	13:31:41:00	01:00:18:01	01:00:24:00

0004	1000	V	C	13:31:41:01	13:31:47:00	01:00:24:01	01:00:30:00

22 thoughts on “Create EDL file of live ATEM mix”

  1. Hi Ian, is it possible to sync the Timecode to PC time? As you already have the ATEM TC to PC time it would come in handy to have the EDL with the same time

    1. Thanks for the question. In this version I was not reading the ATEM time code at all. Just using the PC Time and starting the session time from 1:00:00:00. I will do an update that relies on the ATEM 8.0 firmware to read out the ATEM time code.

      1. Hi Ian, you don‘t have to sync the EDL time to the ATEM as you already have the ATEM to PC time? 🤔
        IF there is a way to sync the EDL against the ATEM it would be wonderful for everyone who‘s using this tool.
        And by the way: Please list the commands for defined Timecode in your other Blog entry for the „ATEM to PC time“ thing. Thanks!!!!

      2. Thanks,
        I need to update the ATEM time setting utility as there were some minor changes in the 8.0 to 8.1 firmware update. I have an option to make the time local or GMT as well. Will try and release an update next week that uses the ATEM timecode in the EDL file.

  2. Hi Ian,

    thanks for the cool Tool.
    I wanted to extend it a bit more and tailor it to my needs.
    But unfortunately I couldn’t find the script on your OneDrive-Folder or your Github-Repository.

    Would it be possible to publish the PowerShell Script?
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

    1. Sorry, this is not a script. It’s an application and I’m hoping to sell the next version to help fund some more development work. There will be a version specific to the ATEM Mini/Pro soon.

  3. … and what I forgot to aks.
    You mentioned, that you worked on an update 8.1 firmware and some time-sync optimisations.
    Is this update already finished?
    If so, looking forward to it 😉

    Best regards

    1. Just found a bug with 8.1 not being backward compatible with 8.2. This will be a problem for people getting the new Mini Pro.Just waiting for BMD to confirm the issue and see if there will be a work around without having to create different versions of the application.

  4. Is there anything required to run the program – I get a brief CMD window opening then nothing..??

    1. Run the exe from a cmd window and you will see what the error is.
      So long as you had unblocked the zip file before extracting, or unblock the individual files after extracting.
      I only need the ATEM software to be installed and connected to the ATEM at least once in the past.

  5. Thanks for the reply Ian – I ran edl.exe from a Powershell window and got the following error –
    “\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1 cannot be loaded because running scripts is disabled on this system. For more information, see about_Execution_Policies at
    Following the microsoft link I discovered my Execution policy was restricted – BUT it seems running EDL.exe ‘AS ADMINSTRATOR’ worked just fine(?).

    I did follow your previous instruction to ” Set-Executionpolicy RemoteSigned” ??

    At least I can get it to work one way or another….

  6. Hi Ian! Thanks for sharing this tool for free – sounds nice! Unfortunately i could not run it – error message: could not find ATEM control software on . (or similar). ATEM software is running and connected. Version 8.4. Should i downgrade to 8.2? Thanks a lot!

    1. It should work with 8.4. Try setting the connection using ip address rather than name inthe atem software then exit atem software so that registry key gets created.

  7. Should this work with V8.6.4? Getting the “Can’t connect to ATEM on .
    ATEM controle software must be installed and have connected to switcher at least one time”.

    I have connected to the Atem.

      1. Yes, connecting by IP address.
        The ATEM has a static IP, my computer is getting a DHCP address.

  8. Hi Ian! I’m trying to extract an EDL from my multicam stream but Premiere doesn’t recognize it . How can import it to Premiere / Davinci?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. You might have to open the edl file in an editor and change the format. Best option is to compare the format with another file that works.
      I have used in Davinci and know others that do. Trick was mapping the input ID’s to the video file names, just can’t remember where in the UI you do that.

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