Frustrated with Windows default audio device changing?

You can include PowerShell commands to change the default device (for playback and recording) using PowerShell

Using this GitHub project

I found this useful when using a DVI Extender that would change the default audio to itself even though it required the main sound card to provide the audio into it.

Just install using the script below

#region Install code, just run once
$location = ($profile | split-path)+ "\Modules\AudioDeviceCmdlets\AudioDeviceCmdlets.dll"
New-Item "$($profile | split-path)\Modules\AudioDeviceCmdlets" -Type directory -Force
(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile($url, $location)

#run this or add it to your profile so the module is always imported
Import-Module AudioDeviceCmdlets

#List current audio devices
Get-AudioDevice -List | select Index,Default,Type,Name| ft




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