Panasonic PXW270 camera and AK-HRP200 CCU configuration

The last time I tried to get this combination of camera and Camera Control Unit (CCU/RCP) working it took almost a day of searching for the required configuration settings and firmware versions. After finally getting it to work I was sure I had documented it but when I had to do it again this week for a couple of new cameras and CCU unit I couldn’t find it anywhere and search for the answer did not return any decent results.

What you need:

Software from Panasonic, CCU firmware available after 2013.

This page also provides links to the following software:

Easy IP – this lets you discover the AK-HRP200 unit and change its IP if you want. The default is
Just a tip with the Panasonic software, only have one HRP200 plugged into the network (or direct to your PC) if you want to change its configuration.

Smart Configuration Tool (ROP Setup Software)

Set the CCU and Cameras to be on the same network. The camera IP address is set by holding down the Menu button on the camera for more than 5 seconds, otherwise you only get the simple user menu settings.

The camera must be configured to allow remote control. This is in the network setting and there are two settings required to make it work.



Set up a user name/password or use the default (guest p2guest)

Using the Smart Configuration Tool, you can tell the RCP about any cameras that it can control. The trick is to use the settings below:

Connection Mode: IP Mode

Camera Type: RemoteCamera


Camera Type: Camcorder IP

Camera Port No: 49152


Even if I have one CCU per camera, I always add the other cameras to each CCU just in case a CCU fails, you can hold down the Select button until the camera number flashes and then use the DATA SET up and down arrows to select another camera.


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