Here is a simple example using the OSC DLL with Windows PowerShell to control the Behringer X32 range of audio mixers.

I have tried this with the XR12 but will also work with any of the X Air XR16, XR18 and X32 models.

Sample script showing some basic settings:

# Connection Behringer X32
add-type -path ‘C:\Users\imorrish\OneDrive\PowerShell\OSC\SharpOSC.dll’
$sender = new-object SharpOSC.UDPSender “”, 10023

#Mute channels 1 – 5
1..5 |% {$message = new-object SharpOSC.OscMessage “/ch/0$($_)/mix/on”, 0;$sender.Send$message)}

#Mute group 1
$message = new-object SharpOSC.OscMessage “/config/mute/1”, 0;

#Label channel name
$message = new-object SharpOSC.OscMessage “/ch/04/config/name”, “Lead Singer”

#fade up from 0 (0-1024 max)
1..200 | % {$message = new-object SharpOSC.OscMessage “/ch/04/mix/fader”, ($_ *4); sender.Send($message);Start-Sleep -Milliseconds 1}

It would be easy to use the faders on a midi device like my demo for controlling the ATEM audio levels.

See the following link for all OSC commands that are supported.

And Channel specific controls


2 thoughts on “Automate Behringer X32 mixers from PowerShell using OSC

  1. Thank you for sharing this.

    I did find a connection issue in the script.

    On the third line:
    $sender = new-object SharpOSC.UDPSender “”, 10024

    Should read:
    $sender = new-object SharpOSC.UDPSender “”, 10023

    As per the X32 documentation you linked to, the port should be 10023.

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