ATEM MultiView configuration options updated

Now that I have a Television Studio HD I feel like one of the big boys. I have added the ability to set VU options and routing of inputs to a window of the MultiView.

This means you could in theory do VU follow window via X-Keys. I often have more than 8 inputs to preview so I can assign 2 or more of the windows to toggle between different inputs and enable/disable the VU meters depending on whether they are relevant for the input or not.


$mv[0].Layout = “Top”









$mv[0].SetWindowInput(9,3020) #MP2 in last window

If you have a 2 M/E then $mv[1] would also exist

I have added a GetSwitcherLibVersion method so I can start adding a “requires” function to my scripts and modules.

$atem.GetSwitcherLibVersion() needs to be for the sample above to work.

There is still some inconsistency in the way I have implemented the properties. Some values are bool and some are int 0 or 1 for enabled or disabled settings. Haven’t decided which way I’ll go. The ATEM API is a bit strange, documented properties that are Bool in the API actually output as Int32 in C#


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