The Blackmagic Television Studio HD provide a talkback option but via an aviation standard jack which is .206″ rather than the 1/4″ jack used for headphones.
I have 4 or 5 pin XLR headsets so ordered ths adapter from eBay (China).

Update: It arrived. quality is good but headset jack is mono only. From the picture it is hard to tell which is the smaller (microphone) jack which I thought was the one on the right.

PJ-068 or 0.206 inch jack for aviation microphone.
Tip is for PTT (not used by ATEM TVS HD)
Sleve – Mic Hot
Body – Mic cold (Gnd)
Type = Dynamic (no power required to operate) Dynamic mic is like a speaker in reverse, air pressure moves the coil past a magnet which produces a small current. Requires an amplifier and it is very easy to introduce hum into the signal if the amplifier does not have clean power.

Aviation headphone standard is mono, TRS ¼ inch although ATEM TVS DH seems to be stereo capable and works with standard stereo headphone.

Looking at the photo in
you might think the one on the left is for stereo headset but this is the 0.206 microphone jack

When using a Clearcom/RTS type headset, the microphone level is to low. I have built a circuit based on with an XLR 5pin (for the adapter above) and 4 pin socket (for the headset).

Warning: Run off 9v battery, or if you want to run a dirty plug pack, use a 317 regulator with good filtering, otherwise you get lots of hummmmmmm.

Clearcom to aviation microphone adapter

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