I have been working on a completely new version of the ATEM Switcher Library for PowerShell which supports multiple ATEM’s but that is taking a long time.

The current SwitcherLib has been working fine for me (and others) but with my new TVS HD, I now wanted to be able to control the headphone monitoring and talkback levels from a midi device.

This update requires the 7.0 ATEM software and switcher firmware to be installed.

All values are in DB’s from -66 to + 6. You can get or set the values as shown in the sample code below:

add-type -path '.documents\WindowsPowerShell\SwitcherLib.dll'
$Global:atem = New-Object SwitcherLib.Switcher("")
#headphone levels
$headphones = $atem.GetHeadphoneOutputs()
$headphone1 = $headphones[0]
$headphone1.HeadphoneGain = -6
$headphone1.HeadphoneProgramOutGain = 0

Download SwitcherLib7.dll from SwitcherLib7.dll


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