Automating Characterworks from PowerShell

I saw a question on the BMD forum asking about the possibility of triggering an action in Characterworks. A quick check of the Characterworks online help showed that the CW Remote Control Server listens to requests on port 5201 and accepts HTTP POST requests containing JSON-encoded commands.

It would be easy to define a keyboard shortcut or X-Keys button that initiated the Characterworks action and switched the input, or enabled a key, on the Blackmagic ATEM using a PowerShell script.

Below is a simple example PowerShell script showing how to send a command to Characterworks:

$command = '{ "action" : "play_motions", "motions" : [ "Motion 1" ], "channel" : "live1" }'
$result = Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing http://localhost:5201/ -ContentType "application/json" -Method POST -Body $command

It would be easy to wrap this in a function to take the motions and channel values as parameters and return the response.


One thought on “Automating Characterworks from PowerShell

  1. If using WIndows 10, this can be simplified to
    Invoke-RestMethod -Uri “http://localhost:5201/” -Method POST -Headers $headers -ContentType “application/json” -Body $Command

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