Picture in picture (PiP) with Blackmagic Television Studio and PowerPoint.

The Blackmagic TVS doesn’t have a picture in picture function like the 1 or 2 M/E units. If you want a windowed PowerPoint (or other windowed application (even YouTube video would work) then you can use the DSK with mask to simulate PiP.

Setup your secondary monitor to match the resolution of your ATEM (HDMI can be tricky, I use a DVI to SDI extender for 720p50).

In PowerPoint, select the “Slide Show” tab and Set Up Slide Show icon.

Change the Show Type to “Browsed by an individual (window)” as shown above. When you start the presentation (press ) you can resize the player and use the keyboard arrows or space bar to change slides.

Use the Down Stream Keyer in the ATEM to specify the input source for the key as your computer screen input and set the mask coordinates to block out the unwanted window border.

Just be careful not to move the mouse pointer over the PowerPoint presentation.


4 thoughts on “Picture in picture (PiP) with Blackmagic Television Studio and PowerPoint.

  1. Hello Ian Morrish,

    Thank you for this cool tricks. I work with TVS and Powerpoint many times. We are a team of few volunteers for church. Finding your blog is truly a blessing because your gears is very much like what we use. THank you !

    1. Yes, I believe it would.
      I was going to create a PowerShell script that would size the PowerPoint window and set the ATEM mask to match so you didn’t have to fiddle around with it. Might get it done this weekend.

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