A poor mans Time Shift, delayed live stream or instant video replay solution.

Just a science experiment at this but seems to be reliable.

Using a combination of the following:

  • Blackmagic TVS or H.264 hardware encoder
  • MXPTiny to capture to Transport Stream file on SSD
  • VLC to simultaneously play back recording file full screen on 2nd monitor
  • DVI Extender to produce SDI output from 2nd monitor
  • PowerShell to remote control VLC
  • X-Keys to provide shortcuts

The delay can be anything from 1 second to many hours (dependent on disk space, maximum file size and stability of Windows (assuming Windows Update has been disabled).
Video showing a very boring test involving a digital clock.

My X-keys XK-60 layout includes a shift function to repurpose the numeric keypad to control VLC.



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