Just a short tip on how to output a video directly on the SDI (or HDMI) of a Decklink MiniMonitor. I spent a long time searching for how to do this with VLC but there is not a viable option on Windows yet. the latest ffmpeg works reasonable well using the following command:

ffmpeg -loglevel quiet  -i e:\video\bars_hd720.avi -f decklink -pix_fmt uyvy422 "DeckLink Mini Monitor"

Files must match the frame rate and size as the Decklink card is configured for in the Desktop Video utility.

Seems to work well for avi and mov files that I have tested so far. MP4 files are not as smooth but may just need some additional parameters that I have yet to figure out.

I’ll soon have PowerShell commands to automate the Decklink card configuration and to simplify specifying the ffmpeg parameters.


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