Upstream Key Object added to SwitcherLib.dll

You can now control all aspects of the Upstream Keys. I have only tested this with a TVS which only has one USK and no DVE. I have not added Key Fly Parameters yet.
DLL version is 2.5

$USKs = $atem.GetKeys()
$USKs[0].Type = "Chroma"
$usks[0].InputFill = 4
$USKs[0].OnAir = 1

$key1.Type = "Pattern"
$key1.Pattern = "VerticalBarnDoor"

You can always use $key1|get-member to see all the methods and properties for the DSK object.

Key Type values: Chroma,DVE,Luma,Pattern
DVEBorderBorderBevel values: None,InOut,In,Out

Pattern values:
LeftToRightBar, TopToBottomBar, HorizontalBarnDoor, VerticalBarnDoor, CornersInFourBox, RectangleIris, DiamondIris, CircleIris, TopLeftBox, TopRightBox, BottomRightBox, BottomLeftBox, TopCentreBox, RightCentreBox, BottomCentreBox, LeftCentreBox, TopLeftDiagonal, TopRightDiagonal



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