My Software Switcher Panel and PowerShell module for Blackmagic ATEM video mixers can use an Arduino for general purpose i/o (GPIO). This is often used for tally lamps on cameras can also be  used to control/trigger other devices that have GPIO terminals such as recording devices.
Windows 10 has built in support for Arduino USB connection (part of the Internet of Things strategy Microsoft has with universal apps).
To use this functionality, you must install the appropriate software, referred to as a sketch, on the Arduino.
Follow these steps..

Install Arduino IDE for Windows
Download from

Check that you have the latest Firmata library
1.Open the Arduino IDE and navigate to:  Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries
2.Filter by “Firmata” and click on the “Firmata by Firmata Developers” item in the list of results.
3.Click the  Select version  dropdown and select the most recent version (note you can also install previous versions)
4.Click  Install .

Install Sketch
Load the general purpose sketch called StandardFirmata from the Arduino IDE in File -> Examples -> Firmata.
This will open a new IDE window with the sketch displayed.

Use the menu Sketch -> Upload to install.
This is a one time task and your Arduino will remember this code.

Confirm the Serial Port
So that you can configure PowerShell or my software control panel, you need to confirm the serial port that Windows has mapped to the Arduino. It is often COM3 or COM4 but this can vary depending on other devices connected to your machine.

Use the Device Control Panel to confirm. It should look something like this example which shows COM7 (unplug the device to confirm which port it is if there is more than one).
You can now use this in your script or application configuration as required.




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